Animal world Foundation

Giving back to Nature!

​Help us fund our wildlife hospital & Eco park

With your help our team of Wildlife warriors will be able to help more wildlife in need!

We will be able to help visitors understand our impact on the world & how to change it for the better - whilst they are having fun - through interactive learning & study groups.

Gaze into a world of imagination & learning!

Nature packages to suit you
Visit, explore, learn & help the next generation of changemakers make our world a better place
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    Our Vision
    We want to build an interactive, educational facility with wildlife hospital, park & nature retreat. We assist injured wildlife, but we need to do so much more....
  2. 1
    Wildlife Hospital
    Wildlife rescuers receive more calls than we can attend to - we need to build a dedicated wildlife hospital to offer adeqaute facilities for the animals needs - with enough outside space for animals to recouperate
  3. 2
    Rescue work
    Once established we will be in a position to attend to more sick & injured animals & offer adequate facilities to care for them for as long as they need assistance.
  4. 3
    Rehabilitation & Education
    Some animals are unable to be returned to the wild. We need to be able to offer them a suitable environment & allow people to visit, learn & contribute.
  5. 4
    Day visits
    You can visit the park and meet some of the animals we have helped whilst helping fund their recovery & our continued work
  6. 5
    Educational visits
    Want to learn more about emergency first aid for wildlife & critical care of injured animals. Book a 1,2 or 3 day course.
  7. 6
    Wildlife care & rehabilitation Conservation Environment & pollution Wolf communication/behaviour
  8. 7
    Eco Lodge & retreat
    Stay with us & explore the work we do & all of our on site facilities Nature trails, magical woodland walks, bat caves, wildlife reserves & much more.

Explore Nature

Nature is beautiful - we want to give people the opportunity to explore it!

Need to escape the rat race - want to relax and enjoy the tranquility whilst helping the animals of the forest & seas - then come explore with us!

We intend to build the first Eco park & wildlife centre in the UK totally reliant on renewable energy sources to show how it can be done!

We will offer people the opportunity to rest, relax & contribute to creating a better world and helping nature to boot!