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Our teams of wildlife rescue workers, conservationists, environmentalists & change makers are all working together to make a difference where it is most needed!

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With only around 20% of the plastics we use being re-cycled at present we will endeavor to incorporate systems to use the excessive waste from our society,  into avaluable resourse and turn it into something good - fuel

Plastic waste accounts for some 4/5ths of the oceans accumulated garbage - which is a danger to our sealife & marine mammals. Our landfill sites are choked with the stuff. Over 500 billion pounds of new plastic is manufactured each year and we hope to play a major part in helping reduce the damage created by plastic waste by introducing  safe converters on site to reduce waste, energy costs and environmental pollution.

This new technology converts mixed Waste Plastics into synthetic fuels that are cleaner, low in sulphur and in the case of the diesel, a higher cetane than generic diesel fuel  with minimal pollution - virtually no toxins escaping into the atmosphere at the whole process takes part in a sealed vacuum.

We would like to see plastics & aluminium collection points in every city -Allthough the majority of us may try to recycle most of our waste at home - we are still a very long way from solving the huge scope of problems created by the sheer amount of throwaway plastics we still use that have such dire consequences on our natural world - our planet and our oceans need us to change!



The natural world is amazing - we want to help keep it that way!

I started out training as a veterinary nurse but the more I researched, the more I read, the more I learned the more concerned I became for our planet and the animals that share it with us!

Now it is time for change!
Animal world foundation is about giving back to nature and changing things for the better - With your help!

By visiting our centre you can get up close and personal with many of the animals we have helped - whilst giving back to help nature & our environment!