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Explore Nature - Enjoy Adventure
Help rescue, rehabilitate & Educate

Whatever you want to do whether it be to escape from the madding crowd or have a full on nature adventure experience including mini beasts & learn about the animals we have helped & our campaigns -  we offer a hands on interactive learning experience for all ages.

We respect all life & we hope to encourage the next generation of nature lovers - and make our planet a better place for us all 
In keeping with our ethos we also respect our planet & will educate as to the advantages of re-cycling and renewables energy which our centre will be reliant on.

In our interactive science centre you can learn more about ecology & the environment & the reasons why we all need to contribute to adapting & changing as a society to preserve our natural world!
They've destroyed the rainforest, taken the trees,
Polluted the rivers, polluted the seas,
They've polluted the very air we breathe
Global warming - was nature's warning, though some choose not to hear her calling,
Now we face  species extinctions - It's all insane!
While they fight their wars that only serve to kill & maim,
So it's time to do something & do it now
Or heads in shame we should bow
Because it will be too late when it's all gone
It's no longer something we can ignore or hide from
Because if they continue on their paths of destruction
That will be the humans last corruption
But one man one woman can't change  it alone,
But we know the way now, because we've been shown,
Can we all contribute at least a little bit,
Sustainable living - that's the nature of it
Recycle ,replant, renew, rescue work & conservation
So it's time we come together as one nation,
to stop our planets desecration
To do what's right - thats the aim of our foundation

Conservation of biodiversity, environment, & natural resources, including protection & management

  1. Unique Exhibits
    Unique Exhibits
    Many of the animals we help cannot be returned to the wild, we offer them a permanent home on site - animals that have fully recovered are introduced to others of their species - where appropriate - to provide a natural existence for them & offer us the opportunity to learn about their behaviour & needs.
  2. Helping nature
    Helping nature
    Helping British wildlife survive & thrive you can assist us in helping wildlife around the world! We ask every visitor to contribute to our work & help us spread the word & educate the world! For every visitor we pledge to plant a native tree/ hedgerow to assist with reforestation & natural biodiversity that depends upon such habitats whether in the UK or abroad.
  3. Wildlife Hospital Fundraiser
    Wildlife Hospital Fundraiser
    In order to expand the work we do & the animals we can help we need to build a dedicated wildlife hospital & rehabilitation centre. Wildlife populations face more problems today than ever before. The majority of casualties treated sustained injuries through coming into contact with humans: road traffic accidents, lawnmowers/strimmer incidents, cat/ dog attacks, snares, pellet guns, habitat loss, building/road works - the list is endless. Some people say that injured wildlife should be left alone, we shouldn’t interfere but should ‘let nature take it’s course’ but the injuries inflicted on our wildlife aren't ‘natural’ & we believe we have a duty to assist them & help right the damage that humans are doing.
The natural world was created to be a beautiful place - lets keep it that way!
Support the work we need to do
  1. Wild Animal Rescue
    We are dedicated to building a wildlife centre & nature retreat to support our rescue work, conservation & education. to assist all wildlife & preserve lives that may be in danger whether through injury, illness or that have suffered at the hands of humans - in medical research facilities, circuses, the pet trade or used as props for entertainments purposes whether in the UK or abroad. We urgently need to build a dedicated wildlife hospital & recovery unit.
  2. Wild Animal Tours
    We will open to the public & offer guided tours of our facilities for those wishing to gain a more insight into our work & individual species behaviours & their needs in captivity & in the wild. Educational facilities for schools, individual students, family groups & individuals. Although the majority of our animals are healthy some are recovering from injury or disease & trainee veterinary staff & keepers can come and learn first aid & critical care.
  3. Wild animal conservation
    We are dedicated to providing a nature reserve for all that need our help. Whilst you enjoy your stay with us whether it be one day or one week - relaxing, learning, or simply burning off your energy, exploring our site, amidst the animals, our magical woodland walks, the giant treehouse or climbing adventure you will be assured of a magical experience & assisting us in our work to help British and foreign wildlife. BECOME AN ECO COMPANION TODAY!